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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Ghosties Favourite Leeds Bars Volume 10

I'll start off by saying this will be my last 'Favourite Bar Post'. It's been a fun ride, but one can have only so many favourites that he can call his own.

As the title suggests this was a series of 'MY' favourite bars and pubs which I frequent in Leeds and will continue to do so.

The last on my list is not one that's known for its amazing selection of beers. It's not known for its amazing interiors or decor. In fact if you walked past it, you might not even know it's there! I love it purely for the fact I think it's a great pub, I've been there many times with good friends, and I've had many happy memories there.

I am of course talking about The Wrens!

I won't say a lot about this pub. Mainly because the people who already know about it will already have made up their minds about it - good or bad, and the beery geeks who read this blog will not be keen to seek it out because it doesn't have the 'most amazing selection of beer in the world!'

If I've got the surrounding art work correct the pub was established around the 1820/30s and was built by a man named John Briggs - quite cool as it's the same name as my father! The bar/s are split into two separate rooms with adjoining seating areas. Both bars serve the same selection of 4 cask ales and a regular choice of keg lines from the 'you know who' breweries. The cask lines are always in good nick with, most of the time, a great cross-section of Yorkshire beers. There's music too, old school music as well! (use your own definition of old school and they probably play it.) It's a great old fashioned pub. It's one of those ones which is in the middle of town but if you went in and sat down for a pint, you'd feel like you'd been transported into the middle of nowhere!

The bar is open from 12-11 Mon to Thurs, 12-1 Fri & Sat and 10.30-10.30 on sunday. That's all I really need to say about it really. This was one for me. It wasn't to say this is the best pub I've ever been to - just that it's one of 'MY' favourites. That's what the whole list has been about, my favourites! Yes I've been to many others, and loved many others but these are my ten. If you feel I have missed some epic ones of Leeds out, or some bars or pubs which you think are fantastic then feel free to mention them, who knows.... I could be starting a Ghosties Recommended Leeds Bars!

So in no particular order here is the official list of Ghosties Favourite Leeds Bars:

1: North Bar
2: Mr Foleys
3: Arcadia
4: Bierkeller
5: The Hop
6: Alfred
7: The Scarbrough Taps
8: The Cross Keys
9: Veritas
& 10: The Wrens!!

That's it for now then.... 10 and done! I may have to start a list of my favourite 10 Yorkshire Breweries and see if any of them will have me down for the day :) ....after all, I make a good cellar monkey! Do visit the pubs. You won't find many other places around Leeds with such nice, friendly people willing to give you an ear, and recommend you an amazing pint.

Cheers to the greats, until next time we meet, don't stop being awesome.


  1. Ah yes, The Wrens; enjoyed many a pint in there. Apparently it has close ties with the Grand Theatre, and far as I'm aware, is named after one of the previous landlords (Mr Wren) rather than the bird, despite Wrens being on pub signs in previous years. Just thought you might like to know that.

  2. Any knowledge is always welcome Leigh cheers. :)