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Saturday 28 May 2011

Good News!

So apparently (from the powers that be) I've heard that in about six weeks we should be getting a new shipment of Exciting beers. Within that shipment is a range of four beers you may have heard of:

    Cockeyed Cooper: A bruiser of a Bourbon Barrel aged Barley Wine at 11.1%
    Detour Double IPA: A fierce 9.5% juicy gem of an IPA
    Labyrinth: A destroyingly drinkable 13.2% Black Ale
    & Tilted Smile: a 9% rock and roll Imperial Pilsner

These are a range of beers in the Crooked Line Series I'm sure you've seen before from the Uinta brewery. These 75cl corked bottles of art meets beer are absolutely fantastic just to look at, let alone drink. We've had them before, and we'll be having them again soon! (as well as a lot of other special American stuff that I'll keep as a canned and bottled surprise!)

So I thought as we're getting some more in I'd open the last bottle I have of the ginger Cooper, just for a bit of a good night to my gluttonous self!

It's not a beer to be poked with a stick I'll tell you now!

It's a very dark brown and dangerously inviting looking brew. The bottle states: "Launch into the exquisite flavours of bourbon with splashes of vanilla. Watch for currents of dark chocolate and dried fruit" - and I couldn't disagree with any word of that. (I was up for writing my on tasting notes but that pretty much sums it up!) I will say it leaves a taste in the mouth like you've just had a strong cup of tea with a few too many sugars in it??

It's been a great privilege in the past to share this with some close friends, but tonight I'm being a greedy bastard, hell I think I've earned it :)

I look forward to our new arrivals as I'm sure the Leeds Beer Round Table will too. (you know who you are...)

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