They Brew it, I sell it, You Drink it... and so do I..

Wednesday 23 October 2013

A Beer In A Can

Are there any benefits or advantages to canning your beer? I guess there could be a few...

Are there any disadvantages to canning your beer? I could probably think up a couple if I tried...

I guess as long as the beer tastes good, you could put anything in a can right?

So how does my favourite beer style hold up in a can?

Well, if you'd given me a glass of this and told me it was bottled, I would of said "ok.."

If you came to me with the same beer and told me it was kegged, I would have said "cool..."

And if someone brought me a glass and told me it was served on cask, I would have said "it's a little lively for cask, but sure..."

It's beer. It tastes great.

Who cares if it comes in a can....