They Brew it, I sell it, You Drink it... and so do I..

Tuesday 18 June 2013


Redwell Brewery are new to the scene from Norwich who were kind enough to send me a couple of their new bottled beers so I thought it'd be rude not to give them some proper consideration.

Redwell Original Lager - 5%
With the weather getting a little warmer Lager is what I've been craving the most recently. This little gem has notes of lemons oranges and peach skins in the aroma on top of some straw and grassy malt. A very soft carbonation makes this brew one you could easily knock back a sixer of whilst grilling up a barbecue. The flavour is heavily malt forward in the body, with the finish producing a really satisfying stone fruit minerality which really lingers, quenching the thirst. Anyone that says Lager is easy to make, well, is lying. It's a very difficult process (and a very lengthy one at that!) to get right, and this Lager is pretty spot on the money.

I have a feeling you'll start to see a lot more breweries in the UK producing a Lager very soon... but that's another post in the making.

Redwell IPA 6%
Well the aroma on this beer is really something to write home about! It's absolutely rammed full of tropical fruit! Peaches and mangos, grapefruits, oranges and limes. There's also enough caramel and brown sugar in there too to make the malt presence known. All these flavours and more transfer through to the flavour really well. It's one big juicy and full bodied IPA which any lover of the hoppy stuff would be a fool to miss. I know I got this bottle for free, but I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best IPAs I've had this year. And that's not because it's the most extreme, the most hoppy, the strongest or the rarest. It's because it's the most balanced, it's so accessible, so dangerously drinkable, that's why it gets up there, that's what makes it great.

Fair play Redwell.

These are a couple of very fine beers, but I think I'm most impressed with the whole package of the brewery. The design work is crisp and clear, bold but not in your face. I love the ticket stub style labels on the bottles, it's something different, and something that I think will stand out. I'll keep my eye out for the rest of their range, I know these two are worth seeking out alone.

Picture taken from their website here.