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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ghosties Favourite Leeds Bars Volume 7

Today saw a visit to a old classic. Only a stones throw away from the train station, you can never put down a visit to the Scarborough Hotel for a great pint of 'local' ale!

With the amount of large business, bold headed gentlemen making the establishment a bustling busy lunchtime environment, this would have to be a quick visit. That's not to say it's that kind of place, it's just where people like to grab an excellent bite to eat for lunch!

The length of the bar in this place is crazy. You'll never be short of a great beer. The range of fonts boasts 11 cask lines (one cask cider line too - Old Rosie - Proper Scrumpy) and a staggering 21 keg lines!! Fair enough most of those lines are repeats, but it means that you'll never be waiting for your imported lagers! I also saw someone getting served a pint of Stella Black. I was deeply disappointed, I thought it might actually be a black lager like the one Guinness have done, but no it was a crystal clear golden lager?? An ok selection of bottled beers and wines is also available, but it's mainly about the cask ale!

So many pumps, so little time!!!
This is a PUB. A proper English PUB. The whole place screams out that there hasn't been any change for over a hundred years. Old pew seating, armchairs and gamblers, the whole place is oak clad! I love it. It reminds me of the places we got taken whilst camping in the countryside.

The opening times were a little hard to press for. What I obtained was; Mon - Thurs 10:30 - 10:30 and Fri/Sat 10:30 - 12. Sunday it depends on the day apparently!

As you can see there proud of two things. Serving as many pints of real ale as they can and serving as many pies as they can. Sounds perfect on paper! In fact the food available is something to yurn for. It's quality English pub food all the way. Pie and peas, fish and chips etc.. you can have all the classics. If your feeling particularly adventurous there is a "Mini Pie Platter" to slake you pie desire.

If you can make out from the blurred photo, there keen to rotate there ales. But don't be fooled into thinking that you can vote for the next one. No, what gets chosen is an ale from a list of about 25-30 different beers, mainly local to Yorkshire, but sometimes from further afield. Beers had today consisted of a great pint of Acorn Barnsley Gold and some Thornbridge Wild Holly Winter Ale. Both were on top form, could find no complaints about the quality of beers served in this pub.

Great place for a visit. Long train journey into Leeds? Perfect stop off to get you back to full strength!


  1. Scarborough Hotel always sounds from others like it's worth a visit. My experience - perhaps at the wrong time - was bouncers, sweat, lager and stick floors. Perhaps that's just when it's overrun by football fans?*

    *which I've noting against but it's hard to jugde a pub solely on that experience!

  2. You've fallen into the school boy error trap here. Everyone does ;-) It's Scarbrough, not Scarborough! Nowt do with seaside resort.

  3. Mark - it's worth a visit certainly. but I think if you go at the wrong time it can really put you off, but then again I've had experiences like that with some other pubs around here so I know what you mean. A hard to judge one, but is great when it's at it's best.

    Cheers for that higgs, I can't spell for sith!

  4. it's great pub, but there is one golden rule. NEVER VISIT ON A MATCH DAY. it'll be full of the overflow from the leeds supporters pub around the corner.

    Visit on a normal day and it's a fantastic pub, a proper, traditional boozer, and right on my way home from the train station!

  5. How can you reach this pub from the train station? I'm still trying to get used to the directions in Leeds (apparently 4 months isn't enough to find a lot of these pubs) and so the train station is a good place to start. I also haven't head the other side of the tracks, not having any reason to go there...until now of course.

  6. Mudskipper -There are two main way to get out of Leeds Train Station. One goes past burger king (if it's still there) and the other goes past the ticket bookies, down a long ramp, past some more shops on your left and out the door. You don't want that exit, it's out of the first. You should be able to see the pub from there, but it's a bit of a step down, as the road next to the pub is a level lower than the exit from the station. Hope this helps, if not Google maps is always our friend :)

  7. Cool thanks!! I'll definitely check that out next time I get the chance.