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Friday, 18 March 2011

Oldie Beer 2.

I've decided to start cracking into a few of my older bottles in the stash recently. I've been staring at them for years now and think they're in need of replacing with new age-able products.

So, tonight I'll be having a bash at this little dusty chap:

I tell a lie really, it's not a little fella. (it is dusty though)

I know many of the "beeroids" that read this will have already had the good fortune of drinking the beer already, and I've had my fair share of De Molen beers before, but this one's a first for me.

Well... Tsarina Esra is a big beer from De Molen, situated in the Netherlands. It's an Imperial Porter coming in at 11%. (Original Gravity: 1108, Final Gravity: 1026 for the homebrew buffs) I had planned to share this with a colleague, but unfortunately some things have to change. (and I'm a greedy bastard!)

Now while this bottle may state that it's good to be cellared for up to 25 years!! I was only satisfied waiting a few. As the bottle also states, it was brewed on the 11th of July 2007 and bottled on the 22nd of August 2007, so I think it's had a fair sleep.

As you can see though, as is usually the case with De Molen beers, it's still full of life which the carbonation clearly shows. "Amerikaanse and Tsjechische hops" are used, (iphone translator app apply here) also some Challenger and Saaz for bittering. (De Molen love Saaz, as do we!) Packed full of hops too for an Imperial Porter coming in at 92ibu's.

The aroma is epic, lots of hot bitter oak, vanilla, a little smoky peat and a little syrupy liquorice. The taste just gets better. Someone please tell me this has been barrel aged, because I'm convinced it has been. It's like Ola Dubh 40yr old but a lot more woody, and with a slight tartness coming from the super rich roasted malts. The beer screams 'respect me' and believe I do, this is one to savour throughout the night :)
    Some coffee and roasty tobacco. Spice coming from the richness and that classic dried fruit chewy-ness, mixed with some plummy skin tartness. World class beer indeed.

Well, that's it for this aged episode. I shall sit down to enjoy the rest of this whilst, catching up on my beer blogger reading (I've missed a couple of days) and listening to ABBA... yes I'm Awesome... B-)

Once again, get aging some beers for yourself, and look out for the next 'tale from the cellars'!!

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  1. Great beer. I got a little bottle, but couldn't keep it long :)