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Saturday, 19 March 2011

"But it's my one night to be fancy!"

We all love a bit of extravagance. Who out there doesn't feel great when they put on their best suit or most glamorous dress for a evening out? Sometimes the occasion may call for it, but sometimes you just want to look great, and who is going to tell you you can't?

The same can be said for many things, we like to make our selves feel 'fancy' or a little more special than normal. Hell, if your not doing it every once in a while you're just boring!

This goes a little bit of the way to explain my drinking for tonight:

Yeah baby....

Now this could possibly upset a few people I know... a little. One such may be Gavin Frost who has just joined the blogging scene by writing a great piece about 'the right branded glasswear' for Real Ale Reviews, check it out here.

Gavin calls for the right branded glasswear for his drinks in pubs, which is perfectly acceptable. I think if you don't get the glass you should, that is available, then the staff have either not been trained right or are just lazy!

But I'm talking about drinking at home. We all have our favourite glasses, the ones we'll wash right after having a beer, so it's ready for next time. The glass that sits pride of place on our shelves, always ready to deliver.
    This is not that glass. This is the fancy glass! This is the glass that gets brought out on the special occasions when I want to feel like I'm a bit of a super man! I also like the way it perfectly holds 75cl of perfect golden ale. (just don't tip it up too quick, as users of this glass will know only too well!)

What of the beer though? Well, I think, it's the last of the 30th anniversary editions from Sierra Nevada. This is the big-un', their Grand Cru ale! It's a blend of beers, Oak-aged Bigfoot, Celebration Ale and fresh Pale Ale all merge together to create incredibly special beer to celebrate 30 years of brewing at S.N! Powerfull stuff at 9.2%, it's a beautiful beer, and made even more special because it's in my 'fancy' glass :D

So next time your at home thinking, I'll get this in my usual glass right away, take a moment to think about how your actually going  to consume the product. You wouldn't eat soup off a plate! Pick something that's not only going to fit the mood and the beer, but also make you feel good about drinking it.


  1. I love the glass. I like collecting them, and the fancier the better, but I often find the ones you have there to be a complete bugger to clean afterwards, especially if you leave it for a while. Saying that it is nice to use the fancy glass from time to time :)

  2. Thanks Mark.

    Mudskipper - I have quite a collection too! I think there is a lot to be said about the right glass for the right beer, and it does make a big difference, but sometimes you just have to pull out your most extravagant glass ;)

  3. !!!!!!!! Giant Kwak glass !!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!! Giant Kwak glass !!!!!!!!!!!