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Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Day in the Forest

Today was spent walking in and around a large forested area just outside Otley, with a very good friend. The walk begins as always, with a big trek up a steep slope to take advantage of one of the best views around. Now obviously today wasn't the clearest or sunniest, but it's still a great view.

Once at the top, it was definitely time for something to put us in the mood for a 2 hour hike through the woods. I thought it would be good to stick to Yorkshire beer for this journey as we were in God's country. Que a modern classic:

Just the thing called for!
Just two blokes rambling through the forest, with nothing else but some ham sandwiches and each other's company to spur them on. It's a great thing to do, really gives you time to relax and have a good chat about things. (I say relax but I'm so out of shape it was a slow walk!)

When we got back to the car, we thought as we were in the area, it would be nice to pay a little visit to the Hunters for a swift half and see how the new owners were getting on.
    Seems things are going really well, and despite loads of kids running around eating Haribo whilst their parents got drunk, the beers were on excellent form. A half of Golden Salamander for me, and a half of Easy Rider for my mate - two very fine ales! My only gripe is that they seem to have taken down all the old cool looking bottles from the shelving!
    "They were all too dusty" ....Well get em dusted then, don't throw them all away :( (suppose it means we can force them to make a new stock of old/new bottles)

I look forward to the next walk, and some more great Yorkshire beers.

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