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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ghosties Favourite Leeds Bars Volume 5

I feel quite ashamed that I've lived in Leeds for my 24yr ghostly life and never taken a trip down to this area of Leeds history. This is a really new pub/bar, in fact they only opened last year in March! New they may be, but they sure as hell can crap all over your conceptions of a good pub! I was so taken aback by this places aesthetic-al features, that this bar volume will be mainly compromised of pictorial evidence.

 If you ask me this is a fantastic entrance-way to any sort of drinking establishment. To get there you have to cross over the treacherous waters of Leeds, and underneath the heavy rumbling of train wheels overhead.

You can just about make out the end of the watery tunnels
as you walk over the bridge!
Have you guessed the bar yet? Yes, for those of you who have shouted right, it's the HOP!

As you may or may not know the Hop is an Ossett owned bar, which welcomes you with a great view of all the casks available only an agonising few inches away.

Walk past the ferkin beauties and you are confronted by a great looking bar to slake the lust of any real ale/lager boy fan.

The bar is host to a wide selection of beers. 10, yes count em, 10 different cask lines! and don't go thinking there all Ossett beers, only 4 are regulars, the other 6 feature a multitude of local cask ales. Not in the mood for ale? there is a fantastic selection of 9 different keg line fonts, presenting a super selection from the best that European breweries have to offer.

This is just the 'small' range that I was presented with today;

And of course there is a great selection of bottles as-well; (and some ciders on keg, cask and bottle)

What really impressed me was the look of the whole place. You couldn't tell the place was new. It looked fantastic, a real haven for the beer lover. Heres just a couple of snaps of the interior;

These bottles needed to be super glued down
because of the trains running overhead!

Even the bloody toilets had class about them!!

Overall - a great par! (pub/bar) I will defo be dragging Ghost Girlfriend down here for a few drinks - she'll love the arty/gothic student feel of the place, as did I. I heard that there are quite a lot of the 'suited and booted' types that frequent the place during the week, but I know if enough 'real beer' loving fans get off there Ghostly arses and get down to the Hop, this place can be a real fantastic spot to sup great beer!

Open hours - 12 till 12 everyday.

Pies, pies and more pies served on a daily basis till 7PM.

Live music played on a Fri/Sat - providing a great atmosphere.

I'm Hop Bound!

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