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Saturday, 26 February 2011

I'll Have What He's Having!

Following on from the post I did about how awesome is to work in Beer Ritz and to share beer I thought it nice to share with you all an interesting tale about a beer I shared with Tom tonight when we shut-up.

The beer in question is one I brought back from UtoBeer in London's Borough Market; Bommen & Grananten!

A De Molen beast if there ever was one. This is what you may like to call an Imperial Barley Wine. An IBW you ask?, but Barley wines are already strong enough? Not this one! It destroys all your 'old skhool' ideas about what a barley wine is and shoves them down the drain.

This beer is 15.2%. Not your average barley wine now is it?

This beer pours thick and flat as treacle or golden syrup. A deep brown reddish beer with huge abounding aromas of sherry, caramel, treacle and most of all rum soaked raisins. Now according to "Rate Beer's" commercial description, this beer lends itself more towards the female beer drinker? Not having breasts though (yet!), I couldn't really care less about gender when it comes to drinking my beer. As it's pretty obvious, this beer is flat. Flat as witches tits, thick and rich, as you may expect in body. (*tip for those drinking flat beer like this: use it in your mouth like mouth wash and feel the atomic bomb of a flavour explosion on you tongue!*) Flavours; what's not to taste! Sweet caramles, maple syrup, brown sugar sweetness, sweet apples, orange rind, treacle, a little liquorice and some peat in the background. Very warming but not intense on the flavour, because it's so sweet it drinks very easily, but you end up sipping because it's so cloying.

Bottle number 235. Good for 25 years if kept cool and dark, I could only wait 2.

This beer really interested me and Tom. It didn't really fit under my 'Perfect Beer' category, but it defo fit in my new 'Interesting Beer' category. The definition of an 'Interesting Beer' is one that you might not of thought as the best beer you've ever had, but one you will remember for ever. This ticked all the boxes.

Until we must open together again..........


  1. i am drinking this right now and it's pretty fucking solid

  2. Big bottle? Was it flat as a witches tit too? Damn good and interesting beer yes, but could of done with a touch of carbonation.