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Sunday 30 December 2012

2012, A Few Thoughts

It's been an interesting sort of year... more than anything it's been one heck of a short year. I don't really know where the time has gone, it feels like it was only yesterday I was falling asleep as the ball dropped for last call on 2011.

I don't think a whole lot has really changed in the beer world, but there's certainly a few things worth noting whilst looking back on the bar menu calendar that is 2012.

- One welcome change that we noticed was the introduction of the third pint measures in most of our favourite bars and pubs. A great change if you ask me.

- It seemed that the Black IPA fad kind of seemed to finally fade out and there's not as much fuss about them any more.

- People kept trying to search for the new big thing in beer, be it the new big hop variety or super strength beer or crazy new beer style, but I never really saw anything materialize.

- We didn't all die on the 21st.

- As is the norm for all years, new breweries opened, old breweries closed or moved (notably Tetley's) and existing breweries expanded (notably Kernel) or got new play things like Magic Rock's new bottling line (which is great news for Beer Ritz patrons!)

- It's been a fantastic year for beer festivals. Great shout outs go to Indyman, Leeds International, GBBF and many more - may it continue next year!

- A great new bar made more super beer available to the lucky people of Leeds, that and quite a bit of ham too. With the addition of a Brewdog bar in Leeds coming in February, I can confidently say that Leeds has shaped up to be one of the best cities in the North for drinking great beer. Long Live bars like North bar, Friends of Ham, Veritas, Whitelocks, the Cross Keys, Arcadia, Mr Foleys, Alfred, East of Arcadia, the Midnight Bell, Pin, Brewery Tap, The Hop... the list goes one and on...

- Speaking of Leeds, it was like all our birthdays and Christmases came at once when the Beer Bloggers conference came to town! What a stupendous couple of days that was!

- Who could forget the festivities of North Bars 15th Birthday too...

- A little closer to home interesting happenings went on at Beer Ritz. Continuing a theme from last year, international beer sales continue to fall of the cliff in favour of local British beers of which the sales continue to go up and up. It truly is a great time for British brewing.

- With the help of Leigh we've put on some great food and beer matching events at the shop, and even though it's been a while since the last one I hope it's something we can do more of in 2013.

So what else can we expect from 2013?

Will we see new beer styles coming out? probably not..

Will there be more bullshit about 'Craft' definitions? probably..

Will there be new beers? certainly!

2013 will certainly bring big things for beer, so let's welcome it in with a bang tomorrow and raise a glass of your favourite beer to.. urmm.. beer!


  1. Frankly, I thought the new guy you've got at Beer Ritz was a revelation! Really friendly, knowledgeable and damned attractive, too. Best development in beer in 2012, if you ask me.

  2. Hey, thanks for the shoutout, bro. They were fun. We'll sort something out, get some guests in this time. Have a great new year, man.