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Monday 23 April 2012

Johnny F's

It's a bit of an obvious idea when you think about it really. If your looking to open a new restaurant in a city, why wouldn't you invite all the local food and beer bloggers down for a free dinner in exchange for a bit of free promotion to kick the place off...

When I got an email from Johnny F's asking if I'd like to come down for a free meal and a chat about the place, I asked myself; "Burger and a free drink...?? Why the Hell not!"

It's a typically American styled Burger joint. In fact one of the only things that Nick thought was missing was that the waitresses weren't rolling around on skates with mini white aprons.

I really enjoyed the place. The great deals they had would be something that would draw me back. One example would be the; '2 pints of MJ Pale, 1 portion of fries, 1 portion of cajun fries and 6 flavoured wings' for £9.99 - a bit of a steal in my book...

MJ Pale was the only British beer available. (on draught) The rest was a selection of US Lagers and Ales consisting of: Anchor Steam, Blue Moon, Brooklyn Brown + Lager, Lone Star Lager, PBR and Sam Adams Boston Lager - A good selection to be fair, it's more interesting than most restaurants around the area.

I went for my tied and trusted method, which rarely fails me. Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of onion rings and a bottle of lager. And yes it's PBR... so sue me, I've never had it before, but when in Rome, as they say (or a US inspired diner). I've had worse Lagers in my day, and I wasn't the only one who thought that, or who was drinking it!

There's a very interesting choice of burgers available. I would love to come back an try the pulled pork burger, but it wasn't available on the night. A veggie burger option is also available.

The service time was a bit random for our group of bloggers, and some liked it a bit less pink than others, but mine was pretty perfect I have to say. It's only early days for the place, and like anyone, there will be a couple of teething troubles to iron out. With that said, it's a place which I'll most probably be making my way back to very soon. (I was very impressed by the selection of Bourbons on the menu!)

Johnny Fontanes is a place where you can have some fun! And that's all that really need be said. I don't think I've been somewhere where I can get milkshakes, freshly squeezed lemonade and a double 18yr Glenlivet Single Malt in one place before.

Open 11am till late (when's late guys?)

I'd recommend taking a trip down!

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