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Monday 16 April 2012

Beer Ritz At It Again

Do you like your good cheese?

Do you like your good beer?

Well if you'd like to try matches made in heaven of both these glorious items together (for the ludicrous price of £0!) then you will want to come down to Beer Ritz on Tuesday, May the 1st.

That's right, come May the 1st, Leigh from the Good Stuff will be presenting his second beer and food matching event at Beer Ritz, and you can take it from me, if the matchings were anything like the first - you will not want to miss this night.

I won't be spoiling anything be naming anything that Leigh will be bringing along, I'm going to leave that to him, which I'm sure is something he'll let you know of soon enough. This is just a prequel to get the word on the street.

May the 1st.
6 - 9pm.
Beer Ritz is going to be the place to be if you are a true believer that good beer can be an amazing pairing device when it comes to good cheeses.

Put the date in your diary.


  1. you know i'd be there if I lived local!

  2. is it hand crafted artisan cheese rolled on the thighs of Mr Avery?

    1. You should come along and ask him yourself cookie, I'm sure we can open a can of fizzy yellow stuff and pair it with some cheddar for you..