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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Introducing: The Beer Ritz and Copper Dragon Home Brew Competition

It's time for something a little different:

Operation Remix

Here at Beer Ritz and over at Copper Dragon things are changing, and for the better, which is always a good thing. Over at Copper Dragon they're going through big expansion over the next year, and the brewers are going to be getting their own trial plant. This means they'll be able to start producing one off specials, lots more experimentation and possible collaboration, tastier and more exiting beers and more general progress towards the way the beer market is moving these days.

It's because of this and many other reasons (another main being the growing interest of local home brewing) that me and Rob (one of the brewers at Copper Dragon) have decided to come together to put on a home brew competition, one which should be a great and interesting exercise, and one which we hope all you home brewers out there will take part in.

Now Operation Remix will be a bit different from competitions past. What we have below are three lists. These lists are ingredients that go into three of Copper Dragons main, and frankly delicious, beers. We won't be giving amounts, or where hop additions are given, just the ingredients - what you do with them and how much you use is completely up to you! You could try and impress by making something as similar as the original as you can, or you could go crazy and make either of the three into a 9% hop monster. You just have to choose the recipe that you think will be best and run with it - it's a Remix!

The beers are as follows:

Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
Marris Otter Malt
Cascade Hops
Columbus Hops

Copper Dragon Challenger IPA
Pale Malt
Marris Otter Malt
Crystal Malt
Challenger Hops
English Pilgrim Hops
Northdown Hops

Copper Dragon Black Gold
Pale Malt
Marris Otter Malt
Black Malt
Roast Barley
Chocolate Malt
Wheat Malt
Pilgrim Hops
Northdown Hops

But what's in it for you home brewers you ask? Well, we have some great prizes up for grabs:

1st place will include: A 25% discount voucher for a spree at Beer Ritz. Copper Dragon gift packs, polo shirt and other memorabilia. And finally, a brew day with Rob at Copper Dragon.

2nd place will include: A gift pack (including beers and glass) and memorabilia from copper dragon. A personal aged bottle from Ghosty's own Imperial Stout cellars. A 10% discount voucher for a spree at Beer Ritz.

3rd place will include: Beers and glassware from Copper Dragon. A 10% discount voucher for a spree at Beer Ritz.

What we'll need from you:

We'll need about a litre of beer from your chosen recipe. This could be in 2 50cl bottles or 3 33cl bottles, it's your choice. All we ask is that you label them with you name (obviously) and your chosen beer to remix, abv's and what went into the beer. The closing date for this competition will be May 31st, so your submissions will need to be at Beer Ritz or Mr Foleys by then.

Judging will take place in Mr Foleys on the first Sunday in June (3rd) and will be judged by the Beer Ritz Team, Zak Avery and Rob from Copper Dragon. The beers shall be poured anonymously by our impartial taster Dean so no favoritism is given.

Things won't be over after the winners have been announced though.

For one final exiting incentive: Everyone who takes part in the competition, the Beer Ritz Team and the Foleys Team have all been invited for a private evening brewery tour at Copper Dragon and drinks at the brewery. (date to be decided later) It's not something your gonna want to miss!

That's our competition then. Grab your kits and get brewing! We look forward to what you can Remix!

For any other additional information please call Ghosty: (Will) 07939 592 501 or Rob at Copper Dragon: 07970 046 841 


  1. Crumbs, another brewday to fit in, but I'm in!
    Nice one Ghosty! (and Rob of course).

  2. Have you thought this through? You are asking people to bottle up homemade liquids, send them to you and you'll drink them?

    I'm nice, I'm not going to do it to you, but you might find you beat Michael Winner for consuming the bodily fluids of others, because there's some dodgepots out there.

  3. Cookie, think this says more about your mindset than UK homebrewers..!

    Ghostie: You stick to ingredients from one single list of your choosing, right? And I assume there's no allowed other ingredients except water and yeast (for which the strain is up to the brewer?).

    I have ideas, but probably no time to do anything... :(

  4. Graeme - That's correct yes, and it's not really the idea to put other extras in, but water treatment and yeast are up to you. There's plenty of time to brew something before the end of May surely?? ;)

    1. Thanks for the clarifications.

      I might manage something, but not my original thoughts - not enough time for getting yeast grown, fermented and lagered ;-) Just need a short time to do it all if I manage to get one going...

  5. My Brewday for this was yesterday hopefully a nice easy drinking beer :)