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Friday 11 March 2011

Are you Punk?

"It's like when Stella brought out there Stella 4%!!)

...Well not really, but I could kind of see where the customer was coming from. I think he may have been trying to say; If you have a brewery whose majority of success has been based upon a flagship beer, why on earth would you want to change it?!?!

We were of course talking about Brewdog (as we do so very often)

Looks like two ordinary Punks? Wrong. This week we were intrigued to discover the Punk that had been delivered was the new recipe of Punk and not our regular 6% stuff. Brewdog state: "Punk IPA was the first beer we ever brewed when we set up BrewDog. A few months and 4 prototype batches ago we set out on a mission to use everything we have learned about brewing beer since we started BrewDog to try and make our flagship beer even better."
    That's fair enough by me, but it has really drawn battle lines in the sand with a lot of people I've been talking to in the shop. I've spoken to people who will say that if there making it better how could it be bad? Well unfortunately it's Brewdog's dictator quality of "this is the Punk you will drink now" that really ruffles feathers. There may have been a vote yes, but how many people were actually asked.

We have a regular supply of Punk lovers, some of whom buy a case full every couple of weeks, and more than a few who buy a 6-pack regularly every Friday. When it was announced to them that there favourite beer was going to be changed, you should have seen the looks on there faces! 

"Better or not the beer may be, But it wouldn't be the same bloody beer would it!"

People who have fallen in love with this beer, will no longer be able to drink it. Even if they have there prejudices about a 'better beer' before even trying it, they still may or may not like it, which is too much for some. I've even heard someone say "I'm gonna have to start drinking Brooklyn Lager again now" - which is a great beer mind you, but if someone has to say that before they've even tried the new Punk, they must have had some strong feelings about the beer before hand.

I won't bore you with my notes on both beers. If anyone actually reads this stuff they've probably already made up there judgement on both. I will say that there both completely different. both have there good points and BOTH have there bad points. If labeled differently I wouldn't have been able to tell they were both "Punk"

It's still far too early to say if the old Punk die hards will enjoy the new batch, but if you want to try a comparison for yourself, we still have about half a dozen of the old style left. If you pass us on a nice tweet, we can easily put you one of each in the back :)

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