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Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Perks

I love my job.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when I hate it (not many though), just like I'm sure everyone does with any job, but days like today always do well to remind me how much I love working in the alcohol industry.

Working in a shop as great as Beer Ritz comes with a few little perks. Yes we get first pick of anything new that comes into the shop, and yes it's great to take our work home with us. We also love to share interesting and 'rare' beers with each other. Tom recently got a 6 pack of American beers from North Park Brewing Company, Michigan. Zak recently received a couple of beers from Bells Brewery. I've been getting some interesting huge bottles from De Molen, & Jeff is just about to jet off to the states, and was kind enough to ask us if we wanted anything getting! So what better way to fully appreciate the fullest of what beer is all about, by sharing them together!

When I said I love my job, this is the kind of thing that makes it so much more 'extra special'.

So we gathered once again for what I like to call a 'staff training session' to try some really interesting beers. I love sharing beers. Whenever I get a big or rare one I tell myself "well I can be greedy and have it myself, or share it with someone who will appreciate it as much as I will." (the latter usually proves more favourable)

I wrote notes on the brews, but I think there better described by the boss man himself here, check it out!

After some great stuff from the land of Michigan, we were a little thirsty still, and Tom & Zak had just brought in some of there freshly brewed homebrews....

It was a great little example of two home brewed black IPA's with Tom's 'Pressure Drop' and Zak's 'Project X' 'Mystery Black Ale' (Or as Tom called it: Zak's answer to Black IPA is DEAD! :D)
Two very nice beers again boyos. And thanks again for the share-fest.

That's the thing about sharing beers, if your still unconvinced. If you share something you know is great then you'll usually get to try something else that the other person thinks is great too in return. Nothing ventured nothing gained, so crack open that suped up bourbon barrel aged, dry/wet hopped, vanilla and chilli infused double imperial stout with some of your good friends!


  1. Surely the best thing about working at Beer Ritz is getting to wash Zak's wine glass?

  2. The sheer level of self-sacrifice is admirable.

    A true martyr.

  3. I've been trying desperately to share some of the larger 75cl beers in my cupboard without success recently. I'd bring them to the shop to share with you but then I'd be buying drinks from you and donating them back, which my girlfriend and bank manager both agree isn't a sustainable financial strategy!

  4. Cookie - It's such a super glass its covered in a microbiological tetrafoil which is self-cleaning!

    Goodfellow - It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

    Mark - Get some open with her, Ghost Girlfriend says she doesn't like beer, but that doesn't stop me making her try everthing I try :)

  5. HANG ON! You can get Vicious IPA in bottles!?!?! WHaaaaaa....!

  6. Leigh - Just what Tom brought us from a tasting event he went to at Cropton brewery. Apparently the Jolly Pumpkin brewer was doing some sort of colab with them!