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Tuesday 15 February 2011

Going East

I wanted to do a Leeds bar review of the new branch of North Bar - Alfred today, but upon arrival I found that they open at 5 on a weekday :( Will have to go down at some other time to haunt them.

Luckily there was another great pub literally across the road to get a great pint - East of Arcadia. Now I don't need to put this in the Favourite bars volumes as I have already reviewed it here, and it goes without saying that it's a Favourite Leeds Bar. I can say from recent visits that there going from strength to strength.

A very nice and modern looking bar as I'm sure you will agree. (the interior is a little more interesting.)

Today was just a casual quick visit, to sample two of my new favorites (amongst the thousand others!) - Ridgeside IPA and Ilkley's Stout Mary. Ridgeside is a new brewery to Leeds and is certainly going places. There 'Proper' IPA is a great pint - coming across with a pale golden hue and lovely hoppy, fruity/orange aroma. It drinks very bitterly in the body and aftertaste, and has a certain drying throat feel which leads you on to sip after sip. Good hints of citrus/orange pith flavours and 'well refreshing beer.'

Ilkley's Stout Mary is probably a perfect drink to try next, that is if you like your dark beers. A dark powerful beer with a small tan looking head. Great hints of roasted barley bitterness, paired with a little chocolate/coffee smooth malt body. Strong in flavour but very easy drinking so sup up people there's plenty of beer to be had! (just the way us Ghosts like it :O)

From all stories East has not seen any loss in sales from the recent opening of Alfred over the road. Both bars have taken on board a form of friendly competition, and it seems to be working in the favour of them both. Although I'm not sure East's new addition of Brooklyn Lager at 50pence cheaper will fly too well....

(lets see what Alfie pulls out....)


  1. Still not tried any of Ridgeside's wares....looks in good nick though!

  2. Thanks for the review of 'Ridgeside IPA' - great description :-)

    Look out for our newest beer - 'Rushmore'. 4.3% - loads of American hops. Hopefully we'll get some to East the week after next.



  3. Sounds good Simon, looking forward to more of your beers!