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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Ghosties Favourite Leeds Bars Volume 6

So we turn to the 'New kid on the block'!
The bar which has only been open for around 4 weeks now.
The place to be, which is certainly turning heads round the hip and happening Meanwood;

Today I visit Alfred.

On a grim, dark and cloudy day, there is not much too much to see from the outward appearance. A sort of log cabin/spa feel about the place, that is if you can get too it, the surrounding roads are a nightmare to traverse!

As we all know though the outer appearance of a place only goes so far as to hide the gems within.

Once inside, you're immediately confronted by the bar. The space is warming and clean, very cosy indeed. Alfred is part of the North Bar chain, and although it's not as small as Further North, this is a small bar indeed. You get the feel on a busy night, this is a quick pace, come and go bar. You feel the whole place could fill and empty of the same people whilst still staying full all the time. That being said though, I reckon if you brought enough people with you, you could take over the place quite easily.

Once again, the interior is very cosy. You get a certain log cabin feel to the place, with the wooden seats and tables, comfy couches and ambient lighting. (the extendable tables are a nice touch too!) With such large windows to the place, it's definitely not a gloomy place, but I'm not sure the view of the road is that great. I'm more of the kind to stare at the bar anyway!

The bar itself boast a fantastic selection of beers, which anyone familiar with the North Bar range will come to expect. The selection consists of 3 cask ales and 4 keg lines. North boasts that they've served over 100000000000 (I counted the 11 0's!) different beers since they opened through all there chains, but I find that a little suspect. I did spy over 28 different bottled beers in this place though, from specialties like Rochefort 8 to Anchor Humming Ale, to Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, there's something for all. The cask lines boasted the best that Marble, Elland and Rooster's had to offer today, but they may be suspect to change. The Keg lines offered a super Schneider Weisse and Brooklyn lager, as well as a couple of others. Coffee, soft drinks and wines also available for the alternative drinkers. From the reds to the whites, from the rose to the prossecco, even the fortified gets a look in on the super selection.

Marble Bitter was the favourite of the day, with a game of Dominos of course! After a couple though we became a little peckish and decided to go for one of the meat and bread platters - very satisfying for a reasonable price;

Half was gone before I could take the photo!

Alfred certainly has it's quirks. They open 5 - 11pm, Mon to Fri and 1 - 11pm, Sat and Sun. Pop in for a pint and a game if you have the chance, no pies as of yet, they are waiting on heating implements. (watch this space) A new bar, but one which has hit the ground running. I shall add note of the toilets, a very bizarre experience. I've never been confronted by so many football playing spider-men before!;

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