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Monday 1 August 2011

August Wikio Rankings

Now Neil has already done a good write up of the August Wikio rankings, but I also asked Neila from Wikio if I could do something a little different as well this month.

I enjoy the Wikio rankings, not only because their pretty darn fun, but because it gives many readers an idea of who's writing the good stuff each month. I also think that there's so many people writing great things for beer these days that the top twenty just doesn't cut it any more for a round up and preview.

So I asked Neila if I could present for the first time, (and from now on something that should become commonplace each month) something that happens on the US Wikio rankings:

The top 30 Beer and Wine Bloggers in the UK!

1Pencil & Spoon
2Pete Brown's Blog
4Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog
5Beer Reviews
6Bibendum Wine
7Master Brewer at Adnams
8Drinking Outside The Box
9Ghost Drinker
10The Pub Curmudgeon
11Raising the Bar
12Are You Tasting the Pith?
13Rabid About Beer
14the beer monkey
16Tandleman's Beer Blog
17The Wine Conversation
18Eating isn't cheating
20Called to the bar
21Beer. Birra. Bier.
22The Bottled Beer Year
23Thornbridge Brewers' Blog
24Shut up about Barclay Perkins
25Liv-ex Fine Wine Market Blog
26Beer Beauty
27Real Brewing at the Sharp End
28Taking the beard out of beer!
29The BeerCast
30The Whisky Exchange BLOG

This is how I think the rankings should be presented from now on, I don't know about you, but the more people's views we can get out there the better for great drinks everywhere. And who knows, maybe in a few months time we'll have to change it to the top 40!


  1. Top 40 would be great! Then I might actually get on the list.....

  2. Yes, or the top 50... ;)

    I note that it's beer and wine and also seemingly whisky. Isn't the US one beer-only?

    Congrats on your ranking, sir!


  3. Thanks Nick,
    I don't really know how the US rankings are presented, or if they just don't like wine or whisky as much as beer. I think it's good for beer then that even if we have wine and whisky included in our top 30 - 24 of them are still primarily about beer :)

  4. Any chance you can change this to the top 100 so I get my moment of fame at 93! ha ha hopefully joining the big guns at the top of the table later this year!