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Thursday 30 December 2010

The Perfect Beer?

Generosity is contagious round these parts.

One of our devoted shop regulars (Tony Farrar) who regularly frequents our premises to clear us out of Gouden Carolus, has just come home from an interesting sounding holiday to Amsterdam, and he thought it'd be nice to bring Zak home a little surprise.

- Zak

Now I'm a little vague on the details of how this came around in Amsterdam but so happy with his bottle was Zak that he decided to share out the generosity. So out of the goodness of his heart, the big boss man grabbed 3 glasses and poured equal measures for me (a ghost) and my work colleague Tom Fozard, and we all can safely say it was quite an experience!

Now for anyone who doesn't know the beer - it's Pliny the Elder, an imperial IPA from Russian River brewery in California. On Rate Beer it scored 100 out of 100 for both 'overall' and 'style' scores, with more than 1300 ratings. If you know not of rate beer just know that that doesn't happen. If your still unsure just know it's a beer above all others!

Now I know we've all done this but when I tried my first sip I thought immediately that it was the BEST beer I've ever had. We've all done it, any other examples out there of first sip bowl overs?

I thought though I can't keep trying new beers and saying there the best I've ever had, so from now on, any beer that is sufficient to blow my mind respectively will simply be known as a 'Perfect Beer'

This beer was a 'Perfect Beer' not just for me but I think I can speak for my colleagues too that they would agree. It was helped a little by the fact the beer was only just over 1 month fresh, seriously hops have never tasted so fresh! Any one think of any beers they've had that they might call 'Perfect'?

*If you see any beers
from this brewery
buy them all!!!* ------------


  1. That one almost wone a couple of awards in my 'Golden Pint awards'. Great beer.

  2. Nicely put. I like the idea of the Perfect Beer and that there can be any number of them.

    Pliny the Elder is a Perfect Beer, no doubt. I love their sour beers too, especially Temptation. For me, Bear Republic Racer 5 is Perfect, Thornbridge Bracia, Punk X could well be perfect (but I need to try that again to see!), Marble Pint.

    Pliny is so good I flew to San Francisco just to drink some fresh - and it's even better than the bottle :)

    Good post.

  3. cheers Mark, I'm impressed you found some. Apparently they can't even brew enough beer to keep California stocked up!
    There wild beers rule - I tried a touch of Supplication which was great. I'd be very impressed if anyone has come by Pliny the Younger.