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Saturday 4 December 2010

Marble Decadence Frambozen

Before I start my review of this beer, I will clarify it has nothing to do with the 'Open It' theme that people are on at the mo. I put this beer in the fridge this morning because it was very cold outside, and whilst reading a few blogs at work, it occurred to me that people were raiding there cellars for beers to blog on. Dredge had even blogged on the counter part of this beer; Decadence Kriek. Fair do's to those who want to share there aging beers with others but for me, my cellar beers aren't aged well enough so I will just have to drink a few that I possess many off. (I'm big on aging beers, you could call me a hoarder.)

I really love beers from Marble brewery. Their what I consider to be 'Modern Classics', and bloody delicious ones at that. When people come in the shop and ask for recommendations Marble is defo top of the list. Coming from Leeds myself, quite a few of our patrons have the attitude "beer from Manchester? It can't be that good can it?" I can surely say that if I had a face, I would be asking these people if it looked bothered? (ghosts have no face) Manchester does brew good beer, no doubt about that at all! (I guess I can say this because we still beat them 1 - 0)

Joking aside though Marble is an outstanding brewery. We can barely keep there Dobber and Lagonda on the shelves! And asked for the Tawny - well thats been out of stock for weeks. 

Decadence imperial stout was one of the first special beers we got in the shop from Marble, and being a dark beers fiend I definitely  snapped up a few bottles. It was an epic beer, but being Marble, and not being complacent with just being excellent , they decided to brew a few 'variations'. And so forth became Decadence Frambozen and Decadence Kriek (Imperial stout with raspberries and cherries.)

So, on to the beer; D.F. Is an exquisite looking drink with the black like quality's of the darkest night sky, from which abounds a huge tan foaming head, which does not dissipate. There is a massive aroma of raspberries (obviously) which completely dominates the smell.

The flavour is nothing like anything which can be said for an imperial stout. I remember a few years ago I made a little 'beer cocktail' by mixing one bottle of Brooklyn chocolate stout to half a bottle of Timmermans kriek. I thought the cherry beer would be no match for the stout but no, completely the opposite way round, I found it hard to taste any stout at all. It was the same for this beer. It was raspberries all the way, and not sweet ones, no no. This beer was full of tartness, sour berry flavours abounded. Great carbonation and a super 'Tang'. There was only a faint hint of bitter chocolate malt in the background, which was the only clue to the epic beer that was once Decadence. 

Marble - don't stop what your doing it's awesome, we can't wait to get our hands on some barrel aged 'Special' maybe I'll review that after crimbo, but for now I will much enjoy this beer in the snow.     

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