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Monday 26 January 2015

Go Back To School

There's a building on what's probably the outskirts of Headingley, just a stones throw from Hyde Park (not the one in London, we're taking about the greatest city in the UK here - LEEDS, haven't you been told..) It's a very nice building too, and while it's seen better days at the moment it's not the fault of the building itself.

I like this building. If you live in Headingley you pass it all the time. It stands proud, atop the hill, while not imposing on it's surroundings.

This building used to be part of a school. Unfortunately, like most of the school buildings in this country, it stands unused, empty, and closed to children who are in desperate need of some teaching. If I had taken this picture a couple of years ago it would have been a lot different. Solid wooden doors, white -graffiti free- stone walls, sparkling clean windows, trimmed and neat gardens. But it's closed, and now looks like it's seen better days.

Why should any of this matter though? It's not about beer!

Well... It's going to be a Weather Spoons.

Yes that's right, they've bought the building. Where once kids learned maths and took English tests, they'll one day learn how many drinks you need before you puke and all about test-tube shots. Does this matter though? Well not unless you live around the area. Like we really need another pub along the infamous Otley Run. Like we need another Super-Chain bar coming in and squeezing all the little guys in Headingley's centre. The biggest issue I take with this though is what's directly opposite the building;

I don't care how many 'craft' beers you claim to sell, these people - who live literally over the road, are going to be pissed!

Now I know it might take them a couple of years to turn this place into a functioning Weather Spoons, but I truly am going to loath the time where there once stood a proud building and it's soon going to look like this;


  1. Think you're being a little bit harsh.... 'Spoons tend to do a reasonable job looking after buildings.

    Apart from Arcadia there isn't really anywhere in Headingley that does interesting beer either so that's welcome too.

    Wouldn't like to live opposite it though. It does still need to go to licensing and given it's in the cumulative impact area they've got a bit of a job on.

  2. I think there's a few other places in Headingley where you can get decent beer... It's not just the alcohol sales that will be sucked in though. All the independent delis and sandwich shops in Headers will suffer cos spoons can offer full meals for cheap prices..

  3. Are you not being a teeny bit snobby about not wanting a Spoons to open there? Surely pretty much any pub is better than none at all, and a Spoons is far better than a nightclub-style youth bar.

  4. I don't think so mudge, I know Spoons do a good range of beer - I was drinking in one not to long ago.. but it's a town centre establishment, not one for an area with family homes right outside the front door. I'm tired of old schools being turned into bars and old churches being turned into crap night clubs. Headingley already has enough 'trendy' student places. The building could have been used for something much better like an art gallery/installation or library etc..

    I know it's not the done thing in the beer blogging world to say "oh, not another pub" but Headingley really does have enough, and the site is not a good one for a spoons IMO...

  5. Grr,there goes my plan of winning the lottery, buying the place and turning it into a recording studio...

  6. Headingley doesn't have too many pubs. It just has too many bad pubs. The Taps, Arc and Box are absolutely dire, and that new-ish place that used to be Citrus is minging. I can tolerate the Oak and Skyrack for watching the match but they're not much cop. Arcadia's great but one genuinely good boozer in a list of what, a dozen or so down the main street is hardly a standout.

    It'll create jobs for students and probably be a better pub than those it'll be in direct competition with. Can't say I'm that excited about it but I have absolutely no issues with it arriving.