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Thursday 24 April 2014

Alternatives to "Craft Beer"

We got sick of the 'What is Craft Beer' debate possibly before it even began... At the shop it's a term that myself and the staff cringe at.

We choose not to use it. If customers choose to that's fine, but over time we have developed a few terms for the beers we like which you might often hear us using around Beer Ritz.

Most of the imaginative verbs and adjectives should rightfully be credited to our resident American to Yorkshire transplant; Jeff, but without further name dropping I shall give you the low down of our alternatives to "Craft Beer"

OK, so one might have a beer that's


or if that's just not enough, a

Boon Scoon (see also; Booner)

There is also the beer that's a



Skenge Henge (see also; Skenger and Total Skenge)

There are many times when we'll have a beer that's a

Cream Dream

or a mighty

Cream Dream Supreme

... as in "That Imperial Stout was a Cream Dream Supreme last night!"

Finally, when we try a beer that's so brilliant, so extreme, a beer that's almost orgasmic in qualities... X-Rated almost... we have a

C*m Splash

We do of course have many, many more... but they're only really appropriate when we're on personal time, between each other..

Forget 'Craft', call good beer whatever you feel like!

Tell your friends, spread the joy...

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