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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 12

A few months back I wrote a post about how it's not really acceptable (in my view) to have nudity on your branding, in any sort of form.. While the post did heavily focus on one brewery in particular, some said unfairly so, I didn't think I was too harsh in my thoughts..

Turns out that brewer was listening....

Partizan Amarillo Saison - 7.2%

The aroma is big on the clementines and lemons. Very floral too with shades of that Belgian yeasty spice. A little grapefruit flavoured bubble gum and a little wet straw - positively summer like!

While it looks like it will deliver a hefty carbonation the body is quite subdued (certainly not flat at any rate though!) Strongly leaning towards the green fruits, slightly tart green apple skins, it makes for a very drying and very quenching beer indeed. This is certainly a case of Belgium meets London, you can see both sides of the beer world and how they meet in a great balance in the bottle...

But what of the label?

Take a look for yourselves...


  1. haha i've got a bottle of that at home, will have to look!

  2. What great sense of humour from Partizan. Did they email you or anything? If they didnt, and just made the change quietly then that is double awesome.

    Well played guys.