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Sunday 7 April 2013

Changes At Beer Ritz

Beer Ritz is an old shop. The building itself is far far older and even a protected building so we can't stick any signs on the outer sandstone brickwork. Beer Ritz has been supplying beer to the good folks of Headingley (and the rest of the UK) for about 15 years or so now, and it's getting to the point where gaffer tape and will power can no longer really hold the shop together. Don't get me wrong, the tape holding the lights up in the fridges and the till printers which manage to explode on random occasions are just a couple of the excellent features that give Beer Ritz most of it's charm, but looking at it we decided it was time for a much needed face lift.

So, beginning this coming Sunday we will be giving the shop a bit of a transformation! Of course we will need to close for a couple of days while this is undertaken... We shall be closing early on Sunday the 14th at 6pm and all day Monday the 15th. The first half of the shop will be taken care of in this time and the rest of the week will be open as normal. The next Sunday and Monday (21st & 22nd) will be focussed on the other half of the shop, and all things well and good we should have a shiny new shop from Tuesday the 23rd!

Now I've never been a fan of change, but the things we have planned are getting me rather exited... or could that be because I get to tear half of the shop apart before it gets rebuilt... hmmm
It's going to be a good experience, and one that will be for the better!

Watch this space!

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