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Saturday 28 July 2012

5Day Imperial Stout Spree: Day 2.

Day two kicks off with beer which you could say is small but mighty. This brewery is pretty well recognisable by the label and comes over to us from Norway. Yep, it's Nogne O.

Nogne O Imperial Stout. Aged in Cognac barrels for 1 year. 25cl bottle. £6.39

It's got what I really look for in my preferred I.S. aromas; loads of oak, sherry, vanilla, burnt raisins, roasting rubber, lots of woody pine and some charred caramel and honeycomb.

It pours flat as do most barrel aged beers... The mouth feel is a little thinner than I was expecting and it starts a little sweet, but then this moves into a huge woody drying effect matched with bitter Cognac flavours and roasted warming goodness. It wasn't what I expected it to be, the Cognac dominates a little too much maybe and doesn't really work well with the beer in my opinion, but it's not too bad. It's a good beer for multidimensional properties. Woody and leathery, rich roasted coffee and dark chocolates, some vanilla and liqourice. If I was pressed though I'd say take the regular Imperial Stout version over this one any day... it's twice the size for less money and a better beer.

Speaking about the price; this beer's almost twice the price of yesterdays goo goo g'joob, and it's in a smaller bottle too. Could this be because of the year aging in Cognac barrels? After all, it costs a lot of money to store beer, and C-barrels don't come cheap either. Could it also be the transport costs to get it shipped over to us. It certainly isn't our stupid strong beer tax, this one's only 9% compared to yesterdays 11%. Maybe Nogne O just like to charge a little more for their beers? I personally think it's a combination of the first 3...

Join me for Day 3 tomorrow where I'll be looking at a same size bottle which will be twice the price of tonight's, once again!

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