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Sunday 25 September 2011

What Happens At Mr Foleys....

So tonight was another of the Mr Foleys; meet up-bring loads of bottles of crazy beer-get heartily drunk with good friends-and for Beer Geeks to celebrate everything that is good and righteous about great beer. 

In attendance tonight were some great chaps; hosting us at Mr Foleys was Dean. Leigh from the Good Stuff and Mark from Real Ale Reviews were there. Rob from Hopzine and Martin Bell (@mbell739)-Beer Geek aficionado, and Adam Tuncay (@tunks23)-lover of all things great in beer also joined in our motley crew.

This is a little photo blog of what goes down when seven big Beer Geeks get together and drink more beer than they probably should - and have one hell of a good time!! I think it's pretty self explanatory... 

Nice one, once again, Dean. Here's to the next one! Long live good beer.


  1. Can't wait to join you on one of these conferences! can't believe I had to drop out...again! What is the amazing looking RIS with the wax seal?

  2. was just going to ask aboutt that RIS it looks amazing

  3. You'll have to ask Rob (@BGRTRob) about that one, he brought it back from Italy and we decided it was a little too special to open on the night..

  4. looks like its this, and damn amazing too.

  5. It took a while to get the taste of Pumking out of my mouth.