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Sunday 17 April 2011

Ghosties Favourite Leeds Bars Volume 9

Believe it or not but volume 9 on the list is a pub which I've never even been to before. "How can you call it a favourite though?" I hear you cry? ....Well that's just because I knew it would be a favourite before I even stepped foot in the place! I am of course talking about the new Town Street Tavern to grace the great city of Leeds: VERITAS

Not a pub to have had a haunting before I needed a little direction finding the place.... so I drew a little map, after all, fail to prepare - prepare to fail:

That building is of course Leeds Town Hall, just opposite Mr Foleys would you believe. Go to the back of the building and you should be able to make out the pub just opposite some funny looking green and yellow railings.

It was a little confusing at first to decide which door to go through. Veritas may be the only pub I've ever been in which has its own, on site, deli! It's not a small one too, it fills about a third of the pub. One door leads you into a cafe sort of area and the other leads you directly to the bar. When I walked through the first I thought to myself "Is this the pub? It's full of bread, cheese and meat! where's the bar? OH! it's just there.... Is this heaven?"

Having an onsite deli counter means that the pub can serve food all day. (that's what I heard, I'm not sure about late evenings) The Pub opens everyday from 11am to 11pm, and the deli opens from  10.30am :)

Enough about great food for now, lets talk about the beer.

Veritas boasts a selection of 8 cask lines and 10 keg lines. They even had a little plastic pin of real cider at the end of the bar too. Cask lines included a permanent fixture from Black Sheep, Ilkley, Thwaites and a rotating Timothy Taylors. The other 4 lines were guest lines, mostly featuring Naylors today (the Magnum P.A. - a Hawaiian Pale ale was very tasty!) Ilkley will be pleased to hear that the Mary Jane is their best seller.
    The keg lines were in good nick, they even serve De Koninck Blond, a great beer if you ask me. Lots of others to please the masses like Erdinger, Warsteiner, Duvel green to name a few. I must mention that all the beers supped were in great nick. My Magnum P.A. was even the last of the barrel, but still tasted fantastic.

A special mention must go to the wine selection. In my honest opinion, it's the best wine selection I've seen in any of the Town Street Taverns so far. From the usual bottles the range went up to fine bottles such as Amarone and Nine Popes.

It's a great little pub. I say little but it's actually a very open and light space. It has that modern/but still old sort of feel to the place. The decor is what's to be expected from a MTT, which is really good, because even though I'd never been before I got that good old familiar welcoming feeling. Someone who also made me feel welcome (Bar staff included in that) was Stella Mallinson. I had heard a lot about Stella from my MTT working days, and she lived up to all that hype. This girl is really proud of her beer. (so good with the stuff is she that two different breweries took her name ;D)

Just before I left she was kind enough to show me round their massive double cellar.

mmmm beer.....
That was my trip to Veritas then. Thanks go out to Stella and all the staff for making it a really great day out. I can be sure that it won't be my first and last trip here.....

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  1. Veritas rocks! The missus likes it too as its the only place (apart from other MTT pubs) that serve Florisgarden Fruit beers - she loves the supersweet passionfruit one.

    Then theyve got great beers on cask and some excellent bottled beers too such as Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, winners all round!

    I mentioned it a while back actually in my round up of the best places for food and beer in Leeds here - and I stand by my decision, still a great place!