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Tuesday 16 November 2010

New People to Pester

Meanwood (in Leeds) seems to be the new cool place to be right now. With the addition of a massive Waitrose shopping center and a new North Bar (later to open this year, or early next year) one would be stuck for places to obtain something with flavour to drink.  However, tonight was a special event (thanks again to the Fozzard family for allowing me to come along). Tonight was the pre-opening (official opening - Wed 17th) of Meanwood's newest pub, and the Market Town Taverns newest addition - East of Arcadia! People round these parts will be in for a treat if they pop by.

Being a MMT pub the decor is similar to the rest of the chain, with posters and beer memorabilia abounding. This one is a little different though, there is a great amount of space and the walls and floors are in lighter tones, giving a better brighter sense of things. Also the windows in the place are huge (floor to ceiling) I've no doubt in the day there will be no lighting troubles. 

You could fit quite a few people in this place, and even with the whole place packed out with 'suited and booted' people, getting a drink was definitely no challenging feet. It has a very good sized bar with many competent and knowledgeable bar staff. Two of the big guys in charge, Chris and manager Phil, definitely made sure that their troops were fully informed of how to pull the perfect pints, no complaints were given I'm sure.

The bar consisted of 8 cask ales and a few international keg beers, even a couple of draught ciders, which I've not come across before in my usual MMTs. A usual selection of fine international guest bottled beers, wines and fizz wines were also available. I was quite impressed with the spirit selection, as they had some very good single malts, including the Japanese Yamazaki 12yr, and other classics like Oban and Balvenie. Pricing was very fair, with 90% of beers on tap coming in at under £3 a pint. All pricing subject to change though as prices are marked by how strong the beer is. My only worry was that there wasn't much stock of the better bottled beers in the fridges. They may have cold storage in the cellar, I'm not sure, but I have a feeling on the friday and saturday nights these beers will be quite popular.

Beers I had consisted of; a tried and tested favourite 'Ilkley's Mary Jane', 'Rooster's Mocha Stout' and a beer for the new Ridgeside Brewery 'Brewers Reserve'           

All that I had was in great nick, those new beer lines obviously working very well.

Over-all a great new addition to MMT and a pub which I will be pleased to frequent every now and again. From the ability of the place to serve good beer down to the smallest details like the small Chimay candle holders, and old school floor standing coat racks, this place has it all. I would greatly recommend a trip down to 'East' to get yourself a proper pint.

Side note: 
Full disabled access
Dogs welcome but must be leashed (and not allowed on the carpets) 
Parking options not great, but who wants to drive when you can have a pint!

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