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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Golden Pints 2013

No muss, no fuss, nothing funny, clever or angry.. just the facts, the cold hard facts this year.

Best UK cask beer - Any Single Hop beer from Mallinsons

Best UK keg beer - Beavertown Black Betty BIPA

Best UK bottled or canned beer - Kirkstall Dissolution Extra IPA

Best Overseas draught beer - Victory Ranch DIPA

Best Overseas bottled or canned beer - Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortel

Best Collaboration brew - Wild Beer Co/Burning Skies/Good George - Shnoodlepip

Best Overall beer - Based on what I've drunk the most, I'll say Ilkey Lotus IPA

Best Branding, Pumpclip or Label - Partizan, for you know what...

Best UK brewery - Ilkley

Best Overseas brewery - Founders

Best new brewery opening 2013 - SIREN

Best new pub/bar opening in 2013 - Kirkstall Bridge (Leeds)

Beer festival of the year - Friends of Ham Tipi beer extravaganza (at Leeds Beer Festival)

Supermarket of the year - Morrisons

Independent Retailer of the year - Beer Ritz (cos we are...)

Online Retailer of the year - Beer Ritz (cos we always were, since the beginning..)

Best beer book or magazine - Melissa Cole 'Let me tell you about beer'

Best blog or website - Enormous Face 

Best beer app - What's a beer app?

Simon Johnson award for best twitter account - RedWell (@Redwellbeer) brewery for their Red Bull defence this year.

Best brewery website - Tiny Rebel

Food and beer pairing of the year - Marble Dobber and Fairy Cakes

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