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Friday, 20 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 20

Another night, another Imperial Stout, this time on location! Coming to you from my favourite local, Arcadia...

Black Sheep Imperial Stout (cask) - 7.5%

Aromas consist of dark toffee mixed with hazelnuts. Plenty of dark chocolates and roasted coffee too... creeping in the back is a noticeable hit of vanilla with overlying floral tones.

The body itself is quite sweet - plenty of honeycomb alongside the big nutty character which is very prominent in the finish. There is also some treacle and molasses in the body which is complimented by a big woody aspect, the vanilla and wet oak coming back in here.

I first tried this a couple of years back, as a one off back then. It's great to see it's now become a winter seasonal special, very good beer indeed!

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