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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 11

Day 11 rolls around and it's time for a Black IPA..

Buxton Imperial Black - 7.5%

Now this beer has the aroma of a regular IPA! It's a tropical fruit explosion.. Peaches, mangos and grapefruit, lychee and lemon with just a pinch of black pepper and carafa malts creeping in too.

The taste is light and refreshing but jam packed full of flavour at the same time. Jam is probably the right word to use too, I'm getting a lot of black current and blackberry jam mixed with the tropical fruits, which is slightly dominated by a big helping of peaches and cream. Most BIPAs fail to deliver in the sense of fooling people into believing they're drinking a regular IPA but I think this one is the best example in store..

Buxton are flying at the moment, and rightly so! Some people moaned when they switched from 50cl to 33cl bottles - but this was only because they wanted bigger servings of the beer, I'm not seeing that as a bad thing, it sounds more like a compliment to me... I can honestly say that the re-brand looks fantastic too.

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