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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 3

I always like suppin a bottle of Lagunitas. Dark or light, their beers have always been a particular joy to drink... It makes me miss the times a couple of years back when we could get them in the shop.

Tonight I go with the standard (anything but standard) IPA - 6.2%

The aroma is a full on fruit cocktail, exploding with a vibrance and freshness of a fruit plantation. Mangos, grapefruits, orange and lemon, some pineapple and brown sugar coated lychee - it's got a lot going for it.

This is a dangerously drinkable IPA. So juicy, so refreshing it's SO easy to forget this is 6.2%... The lovely bittersweet body is backed up by a strange mix of sweet brown sugars, a lot of fruit skin pith and a little mineral quality in the finish - however they do it, it works!

And just like that, it's gone! What a beer. What a brewery.

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