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Monday, 23 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 23

Can you have too much flavour in a beer?

Durham - Bede's Chalice - 9%

The aroma on this beer is so big it made me choke a little when it got right to the back of my nose! Orange liqueur and watermelon are huge here, but the incredible amount of spice is almost overwhelming... bananas and caramel with a very floral scent, peaches and lychee too, but that spice, bloody heck that smells good!

The carbonation in this beer is huge but strangely it really doesn't detract from the flavour. Sure it gives the beer a a big foaming action which completely fills the mouth, but it's not a super charged CO2 flavour which far too often puts me off a Belgian style beer. It's absolutely packed to the rafters with fruit flavour leading from the aroma. It's the finish that displays the big hit of spice and warming booze hit, but strangely the fruit comes back again making it almost tropical.. Double dose, ninja finish!

Super good beer, I'd love to try this when it's had a few years on it...

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