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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 19

Another day, another Imperial Stout..

Brewdog Old World Imperial Stout - 9.5%

Pouring thick and dark, the brew has a decadent aroma of chocolate malts, vanilla and toffee ice cream, some lactose, dark chocolate covered raisins, a touch of oak and sulphur, leather and treacle with faint hints of dark cherry skins lurking in the depths.

It's thick and creamy in the mouthfeel but the most evident thing about the flavour is the huge amount of roasted bitterness you get in the body and finish. It's a very woody beer, pine and oak are the main culprits. Drying and earthy with plenty of toffee malt flavour and creamy roasted coffee notes. A tiny bit of charcoal and sun bleached leather mixed with the formidable force of burning rubber - these are the things you want in your Imperial Stout.

If there's one thing Brewdog are very adept at it's making dark beers, and this one doesn't miss the mark. Props should also go to Johanna Basford for the excellent label artwork.

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