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Friday, 6 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 6

Another welcome addition that we've had to our shelves in the past couple of months is the recent bottle offerings from Kirkstall Brewery, and believe me when I say, it's a difficult beer to keep on the shelves!

Kirkstall Dissolution Extra IPA - 6%

A big fruity aroma for an IPA.. Oranges, mangos and peach skins.. I don't get much more than that, but what more do you really want??

This beer is a true masterpiece, plain and simple. I've never tried a beer from the bottle like this, which tastes almost (if not) identical to a beer straight from a cask. You might have as well poured it straight from the fermenter for me! The texture of the body is so smooth, I'm surprised there isn't a sparkler on the end of my bottle..
It's all peaches and cream, malt cereals and mangos with a touch of yeasty spice. It's the finish that really gets you mind. A perfect mix of bitter and spice masking the alcohol, leaving your mouth in an almost parched state, ready and wanting more...

Good job it comes in a big bottle!

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  1. I tried this on the back of leigh's reccommendation a few months ago and certainly wasn't disappointed