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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 4

The Wild Beer Co were a welcome addition to our shelves this year. What started out as a regular supply of Pale Ales and IPAs quickly moved into bottles of more unusual bottle offerings, one of the best being supped tonight.

The Wild Beer Co - Modus Operandi - 7%

Take an old ale, oak age it for 90 days and then add lots of wild yeast.. What do you end up with? A beer with an unbelievable complexity! Aromas are comprised of various elements; dark cherry skins, cocoa, wet oak, yeasty funk, a little mineral/slate like quality, some caramel malts and strangely some banana and nut.

The body of the beer is very dry and earthy, like really dry! Loads of oak and subsequent vanilla. Dark cherry stones now with a citrus tang and a yeasty, dough like vegetal note. Not a beer for the faint of heart, but persevere with it and it continues to change and evolve as it warms becoming ever more intriguing.

Champion beer.

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