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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 15

Day 15 sees the first collaborative brew in the list..

Harbor & Bristol Beer Factory & Arbor - La Trippale - 8.5%

It's basically a big hoppy American style IPA meets a Belgian Triple. The aroma is pretty huge to be fair! Massive amount of peach and mango flesh, green apple skins and a little strawberry mixing with the peppery spice.

It's incredibly juicy to begin with in the body. Fruits carrying on from the aroma dominate the palate and give a very vibrant and fresh fruit salad flavour. This is complimented by a big dose of caramel sweetness in the malty backbone - a perfect pairing if there ever was one! The finish then brings out the big Belgian character to the beer. Lot's of drying spices and dusty hay, plus a perfect amount of carbonation to lift the alcohol giving you a pleasantly warming finish.

Hits all the bases/sweet spots/good points... Three brewers, one great beer.

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