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Monday, 9 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 9

Day 9! Time to get a little bit weird...

Beavertown Alpha Series Uncle Joe - Russian Kvass - 3.9%

Let's just say I've not heard or know anything about this beer, so it's a bit of a blind one. The aroma is quite unusual, but not displeasing. Bananas and cream, peach skins, gooseberry, dried apricots and a big vegetal note.

Well from the looks of things what I've got here is a Berliner Weisse beer (I'm not familiar with Kvass)... Immediately sour and puckering. Tart, dry and earthy with the big focus on the vegetal notes once again. A little salt and acidic tones amongst some vinegar. Caramelized red cherries and a lot of lemon acidity and granny smith apple skins - weird, but I can dig it!

Since Beavertown came in this year their Gamma Ray and Black Betty have been firm fan favourites at the shop, and props to the guys from creating experimental beers like this.


  1. Got a bottle in the fridge...Kvass is an interesting style, had a few non alcoholic versions but this sounds quite different. Its had some poor reviews though!

    1. Don't let those ratebeer noobs put you off, It's a perfectly nice beer..