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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 10

Day 10 deserves special mention, not just because It's my favourite UK brewery, but they've also busted their backs bringing out a new selection of incredible beers this year and should be praised for it.

The Ilkley Brewery - Lotus IPA - 5.6%

This is probably my top -go to- IPA when I'm in the mood for hops. Orange like malt, grassy citrus freshness and a straw dryness all are evident in the aroma. There's a lot of fruit too, plenty of peach and mango come to mind...

It's a bittersweet beauty from the get go. Candy floss balanced with bitter apricots, it hits all the good spots. Floral and smooth with a very gentle spice in the finish. The thing that gets me about this beer is that it's subtle, but not bland. It doesn't vie for your attention or shout and scream at your tastebuds, it gets it's point across quietly, respectfully and most importantly gratifyingly.

Big, Bold, Modest and quintessentially Yorkshire.

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