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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beer Advent Calendar - Day 14

Sometimes you just gotta say "what the hell..."

Ska Minthe Stout - Stout made with milk sugar, peppermint, spearmint, cocoa and vanilla beans... hmmm..

Well it smells like After Eight mints.. nothing more, nothing less. I can see some people liking that, I personally love After Eights so this is a pleasing aroma, but is it what I want in a beer?

Initially it tastes just like the liquidated mints - full of dark chocolate and vanilla with all the mint character working quite well. This disappointingly disappears in the finish though. It ends up being a little thin and leaving you with the "what was that then?" feeling. If it only followed through at the end I could see myself enjoying this beer but I have to say it falls at the finish unfortunately..

Still, a very interesting beer and a must try if you're looking for something different.

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  1. I thought pretty much the same when I tried in Edinburgh, bizarre and unique in equal measure.