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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Red & White

Dogfish Head are one of my favourite American breweries (it's tied with Stone really) so when some comes over to England (rarely) you can tell I won't be far behind. My drink of choice for this evening is Dogfish Head's Red & White; an Ale brewed with coriander, orange peel and Pinot Noir juice added. It's then 11% aged in Pinot Noir barrels, and the other 89% aged on oak barrel staves. Sounds pretty impressive to me...

It is.

An intense and fruity aroma. Caramel soaked grapes. Fresh apples and pears. Dried apricots an tangerine skins. Some lemon straw and a whiff of difference coming through as it sits in the glass with the light shining through the pure amber gold hue, begging for the first sip.

The first mouthful is an experience. Still elements to tell you that this is a beer in the background; the faintest of light malts, a hint of bitter tang. It's more than just a beer though. The wine and barrel aging elements transform this drink into a monster of complexity, but still within a perfect balance of subtlety. Sweet honeys and syrups. Big juicy flavour, with the big 10% hidden almost completely under a layer of coriander, herbal and floral elements.

It's one hell of a beverage, and an utterly unique one at that.

... love a bit of midnight blogging me.

Off for some crispy duck spring roles and the rest of the bottle...


  1. Was one of the standout beers when I visited DFH in September. Do you have it in the shop? I seem to be on my way to Leeds this weekend!

    1. We do have a few bottles at the shop yes :)