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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

5Day Barley Wine Spree. Day 4

I felt I had given a bit too much time to the Americans, so tonight I'm pulling out the Big British Guns!

Marble Brewery.

One of the specials.

10.7%, 750mls of pure amber glory.

It pours very flat, which was rather surprising. Aromas are heavy. I'm thinking similar to the Blithering Idiot, but twice the amount! Sweet sherries, oak and vanilla, some whisky tones, bonfire toffee and caramels mixed with fudge.

It's super sweet on the first gulp. Burnt brown sugars is what it's all about, it's fantastic! Woody pines, a tiny hint of aniseed, slightly meaty and vegetal, but not enough to get in your way. Quite a bit of hoppy citrus and orange bitterness coming in the finish making it very moorish, which is surprising too as I think this could be an old bottle from what I can make out on the label. It's very much dessert in a glass. As it warms the sweetness is starting to dominate. It's slightly lacking in carbonation, but apart from that it's pretty much perfect.

It hits all my Barley Wine sweet spots dead on, it doesn't get much better than this. The only problem is what do I follow it up with for Day 5?? To be honest, I could keep this going for a 10Day spree with the amount of Barley Wines I have right now, but I think I best not....

...I do love Barley Wines though!


  1. That sounds massive, dude. Barley Wine Spree - only you could think of that, man!

  2. Really getting into Barley Wines at the moment, shaking off my old perception that they were old folks beers and like treacle. Not tried this one but have had some belters recently.