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Monday, 14 May 2012

Offbeat is Off The Hook!

It's been a while since I've come across a few beers from a brewery that I've never even seen let alone really heard of, that really stands out, really makes me sit up and say WOW while it grabs hold of my face and screams THIS IS THE NEW SHIZZLE! You've probably all had these moments before. First time you tried Magic Rock beers maybe? Or Kernel? Those moments when you can just feel a brewer's gonna be a big-un.

I had one of those moments last night whilst in Arcadia.

I turned up to see three odd but stylish looking pumpclips; Out Landish Pale, Out of Step IPA and a Mild made with fruit which escapes me now. (never have my camera or note pad when I need it!) The beers came from Offbeat Brewery, which started up in Novemeber 2010 in Crewe. I went for the Pale straight away, and it did not last long. It's a beautiful sessioner. Think Buxton Moor Top or Thornbridge Wild Swan, but with a bigger bitter bite. At 3.9% it's probably got more character about it than most of the other beers in this catagory coming from he UK, I could have drunk it all night - but there was others to try.

I went for the Out of Step IPA next and it was so good I stayed on that for the rest of the night. Probably not my best idea as it was 5.8%, but it was so good I couldn't get enough.

You can buy beer from their website, and I see they may even be bottling some of their whisky aged stout; Far Out Stout. I really hope they can start to bottle the whole range of beers, they would be an awesome addition to the Beer Ritz shelves. I'd recommend this brewery to anyone. If you see it at the pumps, grab it fast because it's simply delicious. I just hope it will come around more often than not at Arcadia. I just get the feeling that this brewery's going places fast.

Great beer. Stylish and attractive design. A nice mascot too, it's the whole package.

Pictures taken from website.
Check them out here.


  1. Have loved what I've tried of their's. Stout was enjoyed at bacchus during #twissup

  2. Look forwards to this growing brewery getting out a little more. Had a few pints and think their pale ale would be great in bottle form.