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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wikio July Ranking Preview

So It's come round once again, time for another look at the Wikio rankings for the top Beer & Wine bloggers. I say preview, but they're going live at 2PM so It's a couple of hours for a preview, that's what happens when you don't check your e-mails!

Say what you like about the rankings, how there put together, or even the "false glory" some people talk about, but I'm always interested in them. And I think you all are a little too, otherwise why would you be reading on to see who's hit the top twenty this month?

There's been quite a bit of shuffling about this month, It's interesting to see some of the Wine boys making their presence felt, and I see Hardknott Dave furiously climbing the charts. It only seemed a matter of time before I started to drop places so I'll use this post to unashamedly plug my last blog post of Magic Rock Beers here! (I'll be back too, watch out Dredge ;))

So anywho, here are the July Rankings for Wikio's Beer and Wine Lovers!:

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