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Friday, 8 July 2011

Bear With Antlers!!! RUN!

I managed to pick up a couple of these beers at the North Bar American Beer 'look in' the other day. I'm not sure why a few breweries in the U.S. seem to have taken a liking to blending animals together, but oh well... on to the beers! They come from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company; Boonville, from Mendocino County, California. According to the bottle neck, this brewery is "Consistently judged one of the World's Finest Breweries." It doesn't say who it's judged by, but who am I to argue? These are just two beers from a brewery that I know nothing about that looked interesting to try....

Boont Amber Ale, a Gold Medal Winner, (once again, doesn't say in what...) is a 5.8%  ale and is apparently the first beer produced at Boonville Brewery. Described as "an essay in balance" it has a really nice dark copper almost light mahogany colour, and a big grassy/malty aroma with some mineral hints and a touch of light menthol?? Now I'm not a big fan of American Brown/Amber ales, and I'm not hugely sold on this one, but it's a perfectly decent beer. The alcohol is masterfully hidden, and it has a nice light caramel/nutty malt flavour, with a gentle refreshing aftertaste. "It's Bahl Hornin" ('It's good drinkin')

Hop Ottin' IPA, hitting high at 7%, is more my sort of thing. Very floral in aroma with loads of hops, and an interesting sweet marshmallow smell. It's a fantastic beer! It starts very fruity/juicy and sweet on the tongue from the huge hop bombs being delivered, but don't worry, this beer is very approachable. In the body there's a great caramel sugary malt sweetness if you give the beer a good roll over the tongue which leads to a long bitter, drying, moorish finish. A tiny hint of alcohol heat crawls back up the throat to remind you that even though this is a very easy drinking beer, it's still 7%! "Hop Ottin' bites like a can-kicky bluetail" ('Hop Ottin' bites like an angry rattlesnake looking for a fight.')

Two new beers to me, one very good, one not to much to my tastes, that's just fine - it's all experience. But a very interesting experience at that, because as you know, I love new beers. I would definitely recommend you get down to North Bar to grab a few of these bottles before they all disappear!! Ghost Out!

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