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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cambridge Round Up

So draws the end of this 'mini break' from everyday activities. I say everyday activities, but there was still lots of beer involved. And what have we learned on our visit to a new city? Well a few things actually...

Firstly it seems that there's more Green King pubs round here than post boxes. That didn't bother me too much actually. The beer might not have been at the best of selections, but it was more about the quality of the company which made our pub visits extra special. It was a nice change of pace to be honest.

That's not to say we didn't find some absolute gems of pubs (see previous post) which weren't Green King, but you can read about them for yourself.

I did find this Green King though which we just had to go in to. Wonder if there's any links in the name?

Had a nice refreshing bottle of Tyskie in The Avery, It's a vey pleasant beer, and a lot better than the Speckled Hen they were serving. It seemed I'd come up with the conclusion, after drinking so much un-sparkled beer this week, that any amber coloured ale poured flat like this tastes like malty water. Who knows, this could just be my years of taste bud abuse from too many Imperial Stouts!

Some of the Green King pubs were serving really tasty beers though, like this one for example in the Champion of the Thames:

I also learnt that if a building has a big brewery sign on the top of it....

It's most likely an antique store...

There was the visit to Bacchanalia, one of my most beloved beer shops, second only to Beer Ritz.

I lean't that a Korean Lager is not as s**** as I thought it would be, very refreshing actually!

And last but not least, as we all know: dinosaurs rule!!

That was my mini break then, I shall now attempt to take my incredibly heavy bag, laden with exiting beers to share with people, back home on the train. Till next time Cambridge!

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