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Sunday, 3 July 2011


Ok, this is my second experiment into skunked beers. After the lack of findings from my previous experiment I decided to look at the times most people have told me about skunked beers. Turns out, the times most people tell me about it is when they're drinking pints in a sunny beer garden and by the time they get to the last couple of inches of their beer, it tastes foul... apparently.

So, from my last experiments conclusions and what I learned, this is where my second tryout came from.

I took two (as suggested) very highly hopped beers and put them both in the same glass.

I left one inside....

And the other was placed outside under direct (very strong) sunlight. (the clingfilm over the top was just to stop any unwanted visitor bugs getting a taste!)

I left both beers exactly for an hour, as I really can't see anyone taking longer than that to finish a pint outside. After an hour in the sun this beer had got slightly warmer than the one left inside, but I think I proved in my last experiment, that heating a beer up (very highly, for 5 hours!) does nothing to the flavour. (none that I could sense anyway)

So after this second experiment, did it work? Was there any difference??

Oh Hell Yeah!!

Success!! I've managed to create and taste my very first skunked beer! I'm a little bit proud actually, I was beginning to think skunked beer was a myth :)

So what were the differences like then? Well with the un-skunked beer you get the classic juicy fruity hop aroma and great pleasant bitter flavour.

The skunked beer smelled pretty rank. It gave an aroma of sweaty musty hay and a little lemon acidity over some underlying, almost processed and moulding, malt essence. To taste you get an immediate sharp badly bittering quality on the tip of your tongue. It's quite tangy, sort of like moulding orange skins. Although it's not  pleasant beer to drink, you do still get some of the initial flavours on the swallow, but It's certainly not a beer I'll be finishing, and is in no way near as good as it's un-skunked counterpart.

This was my first ever skunked experience, so it may differ to many other peoples. After all many other peoples experiences of skunked beer differ in many different levels of hatred. I wouldn't say I absolutely despised it like some may, but I wasn't about to finish the glass either. So there we go, exercise completed with success!

Skunked Punk! .... say that quickly!


  1. The concept of a enjoying a beer outdoors on a lovely sunny day has just been reduced in value by approximately 27.5%.

    It seems the only solution (other than staying indoors) would be to drink swiftly. But that's hardly the ideal thing to do whilst sat in warm sunshine.

    Doom, doom ,each way doom!

  2. heheh, I wouldn't look at it that way Goodfellow, I had to go to pretty extreme lenghts just to be able to get a slight bit of skunking. I'll still continue to have tasty beers in my garden as should the rest of us :)