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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gone a Hunting

Last night I had the good opportunity to take a trip out to Wharfedale and visit a well known pub better called as 'The Hunters'.  Those not already accustomed to the Hunters will be pleased to find out that this is a good ol' fashioned 9 cask ale pub definitely out in the middle of nowhere. You can get a good impression that a few years back this would be the place to be after a good morning of running around on horse back...

My 'out of normality' trip at night to the Hunters had a small purpose to it. I had heard small rumors that the owner Jeff was planning on selling or leasing the pub to new proprietors. So I made it my investigatory mission to find out if it was going to be turned into a place of evil, or continue on with its proud history of serving real ale. It's fair enough to say though, that after a few pints that plan went right out the window, and all I could find out was that the new people were 'big real ale fans'... so I guess thats a bit of good news.

So instead of giving you any actual useful information, I'll just tell you a little about the place. Whilst I was trying to find a little history about the Hunters (couldn't find none) I did stumble upon someone else who had done a pretty good review of the place here, but newcastle brown ale was not on our beer menu for tonight. No, as well as some Tetley's and Theakston's (Regulars) there was a selection of pumps from local breweries which I have to say, had not really heard of. (and can't really remember the names of now, if you can guess them from the clips I'll be impressed)

Honey ale and red ales were the drink of choice for the night. (and large chardonnays for the ladies) All beers were in good nick as always, hopes abounded that nothing will be changing about this place in the next few months, apart from the Carlsberg bar towels maybe.

The atmosphere was welcoming, the fire was roasting, and you get a general feeling of cosy whilst wishing you'd brought a sleeping bag. The place was 'spick and span' - bar, seating and toilets all nice and clean - this is a proper pub. In fact if you needed a dictionary definition of what a pub is you'd probably find a picture of this place.

You just don't see these anymore!
Of course it wouldn't be a Ghost report if I didn't pick out some beer geek information about the place. As you know I like my little things which make places that little bit more special, like Foley's cellar 'pump clip paradise' as I'm a proper beer geek. Now you might not be able to see them that well, but I couldn't help but spend quite a while looking these shelves up and down.

Yes all round the pub was row upon row of ancient looking beer bottles, old beer mats, drinking trays and other old school beer memorabilia. It's not really hard to see a beer nerd like myself being just a little interested by all that tat.

That was the night then, taxi booked, off home for tuna mayo subs, job done! If you ever find yourself romping through Wharfedale, do give them a look in, it would make any ramblers day. Good luck to whatever happens to the place in the future - keep the real ale flowing!

The Hunters Inn, Harrogate Road, Pool in Wharfdale
Otley, WestYorkshire, LS21 2PS
Tel: 0871 223 8000


  1. haha, yeah, memories....! Seriously though it;s a great little pub. MUCH improved. I think you've got a Jarrow beer, a Barnsley Beer Co too. We often stop in on the way to harrogate or otley, it's a bit of a pull in that sense! always worth popping in.

  2. Tip - steer clear of thier bottled beers...