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Friday, 7 January 2011

Glass Wear :)

I know this is a bit late on the whole measure debate, (hey I can rhyme!) but it should be voiced.

Now I'm all in favor like most about the 2/3rds measure glass, but something occurred to me the other day;
Why the hell have we not got some of these!?!?!?

Those Germans get all the fun, It's about time we had some mass steins to throw about, and don't give me that crap about English ale going warm before you'd finish a stein because there's some pretty damn good breweries that make awesome lager in the UK aswell! (and to quote Cookie if I can - if you can't drink 2 pints of English ale before it goes warm then your a 'poof!')

Bring on the Maaasss Steeeiiin!!!


  1. Should have said, we have a few stashed away! Stein of Self-Righteous... ouch :)

  2. ive got a couple of stein's in my collection, i've even got a porcelain one with a pewter lid!!

    it was nice to see people ordering stein's in pivni in york! they should have been used more lol

  3. They sold beer in 1 litre (plastic) steins at the German Christmas Market in Millenium Square. Have to say though that I got very bored with my stein of Paulaner on a Sunday lunchtime.

    I suppose they're quite likely to use them at that new Bierkeller on Park Row, although I've yet to venture in there. I'm told the house band's banter is a bit "blau".